Commitment to You

At St. Joseph’s Hospital, there is one factor essential to achieving our mission - a shared commitment to customer service. Our team members have made a commitment to reaching out to our patients and delivering the very best we have to offer. We believe that compassionate care provided by friendly team members is important in creating an environment of comprehensive healing. We commit to being:


  • Greeting you with a smile
  • Introducing ourselves to you (name and role) and using your name
  • Being courteous and professional 
  • Displaying a positive attitude in all interactions
  • Living the values of the organization (trust, respect, dignity, responsibility and excellence)


  • Being empathetic about your health care needs
  • Actively listening to your questions and concerns
  • Providing clear, concise and factual information
  • Appreciating the value of diversity
  • Being sensitive to the special needs of various cultures and ages 
  • Communicating in a caring and concerned manner


  • Always practicing safe work habits
  • Ensuring that all work areas and equipment are in safe working condition
  • Following policies and procedures to ensure your safety and comfort
  • Providing a clean and organized environment
  • Washing hands before any patient contact
  • Reporting any potential hazards
  • Ongoing education to maintain and improve skills and knowledge