Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication Procedure for Reflux

Transoral Incisionless Fundoplication, or TIF, is a procedure that is designed to surgically reconstruct a defective gastroesophageal valve to restore the reflux barrier.

Performed entirely through the mouth without the need for external incisions through the skin, the TIF procedure offers patients who require an anatomical change to correct the underlying cause of GERD, another treatment option beyond traditional surgery. Studies show that for up to three years after the TIF procedure esophageal inflammation (esophagitis) is eliminated and most patients are able to stop using daily PPI medications to control symptoms. The TIF procedure has an established safety and efficacy profile from more than 50 publications following over 800 unique TIF patients; now more than 16,000 TIF patients have been treated worldwide.

Disclaimer: The TIF procedure may or may not be appropriate for your health condition; only your doctor can explain the benefits and risks of all treatment options. Results may vary; visit for more clinical data. The TIF procedure for reflux was developed by EndoGastric Solutions, Inc. who may have co-funded this marketing material.


  • TIF has 10 years of proven effectiveness and study
  • It’s the least invasive of all the anti-reflux procedures
  • TIF is completely incision-less, so patients don’t have to worry about any lasting scars from the procedure
  • The common side effects of anti-reflux surgery like dysphasia and bloating are minimal
  • 80% of patients with heartburn able to stop their daily antacid medications after the procedure
  • Any other procedure can still be performed down the line if necessary


TIF is an outpatient procedure, but patients are still required to stay overnight in a hospital the day after their procedure. It’s mostly precautionary, if patients vomit from the anesthesia then they run the risk of loosening the procedure. Post-surgery, patients are on a semi-liquid diet for two weeks so that scarring can occur properly. They’re usually back to an unrestricted diet by four weeks after the procedure, though, and are also weaned off their daily antacids over the four weeks after the surgery. Doctors usually suggest that patients take one week off of work after undergoing the TIF procedure.