General Surgery - What to Expect

When a loved one has surgery, there are often many questions and concerns. Here’s a general overview of the surgery process at Morton Plant North Bay:

  • Holding Room: This is where patients are taken just prior to surgery. Here the IV is started, you meet with the anesthesiologist, and any other necessary procedures are completed to support the surgery.
  • Surgery: Upon entering the surgical suite, the patient is connected to various monitors and the preparation of surgical equipment is completed. The anesthesiologist starts the anesthetic medication, and then the procedure begins. Actual surgery times vary from procedure to procedure, as well as from patient to patient.
  • Recovery Room (PACU): After surgery, some patients go to the Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU). Others, who may already be awake, go directly back to their room or Ambulatory Care for discharge. Patients in PACU are assisted to wake from the anesthesia, stabilized and treated for any nausea or pain. Recovery time is different for each patient varying by surgery type, anesthesia type and patient medical condition.