Tips During Your Stay

  • If you are experiencing pain, ask the nurse for a pain medication before you are transferred to the Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center.
  • Your will be transported to the Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center by Care Ride™, which is a wheelchair transportation service, or in some situations, by ambulance.
  • Your physician will probably not see you daily because it is not necessary. However, the nurses are in regular contact with your physician.
  • Under no circumstances should you get up out of bed without assistance unless you have been cleared by your nurse to walk independently. Your call light should always be in reach for you to call for assistance.
  • Therapy is an important part of your stay at the Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center. A transporter will pick you up prior to your therapy time and escort you to the gym.
  • A service partnership is very important to your maximum recovery, which means your participation in your care is extremely important.
  • Your family and significant others in your life are welcome to visit any time, as the Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center has an open visitation policy.
  • You will receive a menu to select your meals. If you would like something different, you may order it.
  • When you come to the Morton Plant Rehabilitation Center, you will be greeted by our Patient Ambassador and provided a card that includes contact information for people who may be of help to you during your stay.
  • If we have the need to move you to another room, we will only move you to another room with your agreement.

Meeting your needs and assisting you back to your maximal functioning is our priority.