BayCare Medical Group Coumadin Clinic (Suncoast)

620 10th St. N.
Suite 2A
Saint Petersburg, FL 33705
Phone: (727) 824-8224
Fax: (727) 824-8382
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 8am - 4:30pm
Friday, 8am – 12pm

An advantage of our Coumadin Clinic is that blood is obtained from a simple finger stick rather than a regular blood draw.

Testing is completed in seconds; patients will know their INR results before leaving the clinic. Our nurses use physician-approved protocols to adjust doses immediately, if necessary. Patients will know what dosage to take before leaving the clinic—no more waiting hours or days after a lab draw to know if a dosage needs to be changed.

This point-of-care program reduces the risk of adverse events with warfarin, increasing your patient’s safety. Our dedicated staff focuses on the anticoagulation needs of patients. A copy of the treatment plan is delivered directly to the enrolling physician for review.

Services Offered
  • Appointment tracking
  • Decrease risk of serious complication and death caused by blood-thinning medications
  • Easy referral process
  • Immediate PT/INR results and management
  • Increased access to education and support
  • Monitor PT/INR at regular intervals
  • One-on-one contact with a dedicated
  • Coumadin nurse
  • Self-monitoring
Healthcare Providers