Pre-Admission Information

Please read and follow the instructions listed below:

  • Call the Pre-admission Clinic for an appointment to complete your testing at (863) 293-1121 (ext. 4170). New clinic hours are 7:30am-5pm on Monday through Friday. Call your surgeon if you are unable to schedule or keep your testing appointment.
  • Routine testing usually requires approximately one hour to complete. The admitting nurse will also give you complete pre-op instructions and perform a brief physical assessment at the time. Free parking is available in the Outpatient parking lot.
  • Bring all your medications and your insurance card(s) to your testing appointment. The nurse and clerk will need this information.
  • Orders are necessary to complete your tests. Your doctor may send his/her orders to the Admitting Nurse or call them to her. Bring any orders that he/she gives to you on the day of Pre-admission testing.
  • Your doctor will receive a copy of your test results. Another copy is kept in your record and will be available to the anesthesiologist before your admission.
  • Patients who have their testing done outside the Hospital must call the nurse for a telephone interview. Medical information will be obtained and instructions will be given for the day of surgery. Be sure to bring all your medications to the telephone before you call the nurse.
  • The medical information given to the Admitting Nurse will be available to the anesthesiologist so that he/she will have advance knowledge of your medical history. Be sure to give any pertinent medical information during this interview with the nurse.
  • Be sure to follow any instructions given to you by your doctor and the Admitting Nurse on the day of your surgery. Last minutes time change for surgery may occur as cases are rescheduled or cancelled. You may be called to come in a little earlier than anticipated.
  • If you have not been contacted by Winter Haven Hospital registration regarding your insurance coverage within two weeks of the scheduled procedure, please call (863) 293-1121 (ext. 4170) for assistance.

For more information on outpatient diagnostic and surgical procedures at Winter Haven Hospital call (863) 292-4015.