Emergency Care Services in Riverview, Florida

Emergency Department Waiting Room at St. Joseph's Hospital-SouthIf you are experiencing a medical emergency, please dial 9-1-1. For minor illnesses and injuries, visit BayCare Urgent Care for additional information and a list of locations. 


St. Joseph's Hospital-South delivers attentive, efficient health care during an emergency, when you need it most. Our emergency room improves the hospital experience for patients in Riverview, Brandon and surrounding areas of Tampa Bay by providing technologically advanced medical services.

Experienced Emergency Teams

Our experienced team of physicians and nurses treats emergency conditions, provides advanced imaging services and offers surgical services here in the hospital if patients need further treatment. Our advanced catheterization lab provides advanced diagnostic and treatment care. We are committed to providing excellent service to our patients and their loved ones.

Some facts about the innovative emergency room at St. Joseph's Hospital-South:

  • Each room is private with real doors - this helps to block out the usual noise and hubbub of a busy ER and gives our patients the privacy and quiet they need to rest.
  • All rooms are state-of-the-art - we use the most advanced electronic monitoring for all of our patients. Further, the entire hospital uses Electronic Medical Records (EMR), which means our clinicians can quickly obtain important information that allows care to be delivered in an efficient manner.
  • Patient safety is critical - we use bar scanning for medicine delivery, so nurses scan a patient's wristband to ensure patient safety before giving any medication.
  • Intensive care - state-of-the-art critical care services are available at our Intensive Care Unit.

Pediatric Emergency Center

We provide compassionate, family-centered care for pediatric patients in our dedicated pediatric emergency center. We offer:

  • Pediatric Emergency Medicine Physicians - board-certified physicians with years of additional training in pediatric emergency medicine.
  • Child-Size Care - specialized tools and equipment in a range of sizes to treat the smallest patient to the biggest one.
  • Child Life Specialists - trained professionals that specialize in child development. They help explain diagnoses and procedures and use play techniques to distract and calm our young patients, their siblings, and sometimes their parents too!
  • Kid-friendly environment - we use drug-free methods of pain relief and procedures without needles when possible. Our team is trained to talk to kids like they’re kids, to make them feel safe and comforted.
  • Specialized Support and Resources - highly specialized care that caters to the unique medical needs of children combined with an extensive support system through St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa. Pediatric specialists at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital are available for consultation on complex cases if necessary.

Our pediatric ER provides private rooms as well as a dedicated pediatric waiting room and specialized areas for the treatment of pediatric trauma patients.

We are capable of managing any emergency your child may have and if necessary, we can arrange for expedited transport of patients to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Steinbrenner Children’s Emergency & Trauma Center.

Learn more about our pediatric services at St. Joseph's Hospital-South.

Emergency Room at St. Joseph's Hospital-South
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