Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at BayCare

Who you are is why you chose healthcare as a profession. It’s what informs your decisions, and identifies opportunities in ways that only you and your background can.

BayCare believes identity is a core component of care. And that recognizing who you are is the first step toward helping you get where you want to go in your career. Because just as who you are gives you your strength, who we are collectively strengthens the care we give.

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Our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Commitments

Making progress on inclusion is like making progress on our own health — it isn’t something that happens overnight. Rather, it’s an ongoing commitment that requires making the right choices each and every day. It’s why BayCare is approaching our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) not as temporary, quick-fix solutions, but in a healthy, long-term, and holistic manner:

  • Increase underrepresented groups across all levels of leadership.
  • Teach leaders how to practice inclusive leadership while recognizing unconscious bias.
  • Educate all BayCare team members to increase awareness of cultural differences.
  • Retain diverse talent by focusing on growth and equity.

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Our values

BayCare’s commitment toward a diverse and inclusive work environment is exemplified in the way we practice our five key values: Trust, Dignity, Respect, Responsibility, and Excellence.

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Supplier Diversity Programs

One way we live out our DEI principles is through our relationships with local, minority-owned suppliers.  In addition to participating in state and local programs focused on bringing in diverse businesses, we independently facilitate introductions with local contacts, and track our spend in a database so we can find opportunities to actively increase our socially-conscious investments.

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