Leading Employer

With 29,045 team members, BayCare is one of the largest employers in West Central Florida, providing $3 billion in household income annually.


A graphic that shows BayCare currently has 29,045 team members


BayCare’s operations support more than 52,000 jobs throughout Florida; 43 percent of the supported jobs are in BayCare hospitals and other facilities.

Two graphics: One shows BayCare supports 39,000 jobs in health care, finance, insurance, information, real estate, administrative services, entertainment and recreation. The second graphic shows BayCare supports 13,000 jobs in manufacturing, retail, transportation, construction, government and other services.


This graphic shows the number of jobs that BayCare supports in its four-county area: 21,164 jobs in Pinellas County; 17,231 jobs in Hillsborough County; 4,796 jobs in Polk County; and 2,160 jobs in Pasco County.