Winter Haven Hospital Cassidy Cancer Center (Infusion Center)

200 Ave. F N.E.
Winter Haven, FL 33881
Phone: (863) 292-4670
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm, by appointment only

Winter Haven Hospital’s Cassidy Cancer Center provides convenient access to high quality cancer care in central Florida.

Features of the Cassidy Cancer Center include an inpatient oncology unit as well as outpatient services including physicians’ clinics, dedicated infusion and radiation therapy areas, and specialized surgical oncology services.

The Cassidy Cancer Center is located on the basement floor of Winter Haven Hospital. Enter through the main lobby and take the lobby elevators to the basement floor.

Download the Winter Haven Hospital campus map.

Services Offered
  • Cancer care in 23 specialties including brain cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, lung cancer and prostate cancer
  • Biologic therapy using a patient’s own immune system
  • Chemotherapy, combination chemotherapy, systemic chemotherapy and regional chemotherapy
  • Targeted drug therapies to specifically attack cancer cells and block chemicals allowing them to grow and divide
  • Plasmapheresis to remove thickened plasma
  • Red blood cell transfusions to prevent anemia
  • Hormone therapy which can cause cancer cells to grow slowly or die