Orthopedic Services in Lutz, Florida

If you are contemplating joint replacement surgery, or another form of orthopedic surgery, you have chosen an excellent facility to receive your pre-operative and post surgical care.

St. Joseph's Hospital-North opened its doors in 2010, and is a modern, light-filled sanctuary with advanced patient monitoring and a friendly, customer-service oriented staff. We have thought through every detail to ensure your experience as a patient is extraordinary. Learn more about the conditions we treat and the procedures we offer here.

We consistently receive the highest patient satisfaction scores, something our past patients can tell you more about.

Classes: Preparing for Orthopedic Surgery

If you are having orthopedic surgery, we offer a weekly preparatory class. After the class, we invite you to a complimentary lunch at our Twigs Café.

A multidisciplinary team including nursing and physical therapy teach the class, which includes information about preparing for surgery, what will happen the day of surgery, what you can expect during your recovery, and how to prepare your home for after surgery.

If you don't have someone to help you when you get home or may need some extra rehab, we will give you some pointers on selecting a rehab facility. If you do need home health care following surgery, we can recommend several home care agencies.

Post-orthopedic Surgery Care

After surgery, our primary goal is your comfort and safety. There are many different options available for pain management. You doctor will discuss what is the best choice for you.

We encourage walking around as soon as possible after surgery to prevent complications. If appropriate for you, we will even get you out of bed the same day as your surgery. Most of our orthopedic patients stay with us for two to five days and then return home with home health care or to a rehab facility for additional therapy. Each patient room has a couch that transforms into a bed, so loved ones can stay with you overnight if you wish.

Recovering in St. Joseph's Hospital-North is a comfortable experience. Our advanced nursing care, beautiful patient rooms and cutting-edge patient monitoring make all the difference to our orthopedic surgery patients.

For an orthopedic physician referral, call (844) 260-7155 or find a doctor near you. 

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