Wellness and Prevention

Nurse Taking Female Patient's Blood Pressure In HospitalScreenings

Our preventive screenings are designed to help your employees identify health issues, develop good health habits and reduce health risks. Clinical services are performed by highly trained healthcare professionals, and are performed on-site and comply with protocols developed and overseen by board-certified physician experts that align with national guidelines.

  • Taking it to the next level. Screening results and appropriate next steps are explained by health educators.
  • Data analysis and group reporting are provided for customized wellness programs and services.
  • Motivational educational materials and on-line resources are made available to your employees.

Educational Programs

Our health education programs are provided by health and wellness experts from different departments across BayCare. Our presentations include the most current and helpful health topics that are geared towards better living for your employees. 

  • On-site education from experts in the area to provide knowledge, guidance and answer questions and concerns
  • Personalized designed programs or series to meet your employees needs
  • Resources to promote behavioral habits

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On-site Health Services

We bring support to your organization's well-being initiatives:

  • Innovative services to meet your company's needs
  • Health information tables, displays and exhibits giving appealing, visual information from clinical experts throughout the health system

Muscular man doing sit ups at gym with other people in background.Personal Health and Fitness

There are many great benefits to dedicating a few hours a week to your health and fitness. Instituting programs that make it easier for your employees to make time for fitness not only shows you care about their health and happiness, but it can improve your work environment and your team’s productivity.

  • Individualized on-site continual support for your employees to make and sustain healthy lifestyles and behavioral changes
  • We help designing jobs, tools, equipment and environment to prevent injuries, to ensure comfort and improve effectiveness

Flu Shots

BayCare Wellness Services provide on-site flu shots for your employees,

  • Our highly trained registered nurses administer the shots in a safe and effective manner, getting your employees back to work in a timely fashion.
  • Our staff is prepared to answer any questions or concerns that your employees may have before and after providing the shot to ensure they are comfortable with the vaccination procedure.
  • We provide the quadrivalent flu vaccine which provides a broader range of coverage than the trivalent vaccine.

If you're interested in our flu shot program for your employees or a larger, customized corporate wellness plan, contact (844) 420-8364 to set up a free consultation.

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