Flu Shots

nurse getting a flu shot readyA contagious illness floating around the workplace can be a huge problem. Missed time at work, lower productivity and general health concerns are just some of the many difficulties a contagious illness can create.

BayCare’s Flu Shot Program for Employees

BayCare Wellness Services professionals offer on-site flu shots for your employees. Our highly trained registered nurses administer the shots in a safe and efficient manner, getting your employees back to work in a timely fashion. Our staff is prepared to answer any questions or concerns that your employees may have before and after providing the shot to ensure they are comfortable with the vaccination procedure. BayCare Wellness Services provides the quadrivalent flu vaccine which provides a broader range of coverage than the trivalent vaccine.

If you’re interested in our flu shot program for your employees or a larger, customized corporate wellness plan, you can call us at (844) 420-8364 to set up a free consultation.

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