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Pinellas County Government

  • Pinellas County employee wellness relies on community partners to assist in providing a well rounded program that offers a variety of options that engages and promotes healthy lifestyle behaviors. BayCare Health System provides a variety of resources and tools to assist the County with our mission. This resource allowed employees the ability to learn about a variety of health information for themselves and family members.  We have utilized the tool as part of a heart health education series.  Participants were asked to complete the heart risk assessment prior to attending the series and then the presenters spent time explaining what the results meant, why it matters and what to do to make change.  This has helped the employees to understand their biometric numbers and why it is important to be proactive about their health.   

          -Beth Woodbury, Health & Wellness Specialist

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Operation PAR

  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the message you sent out on January 28, 2013 regarding the St. Anthony’s Carillon Wellness Center.  My husband and I had joined a gym many years ago.  Although he had continued to go, I became discouraged by the whole experience.  My husband works in Tampa and continued to go to the gym for among other things, heart health.  Then, the gym was sold to another company. They, in turn, closed the location he could get to.  Out of desperation, he joined a facility close to home.  It turns out the owner is rude and the place is dirty most of the time.  The other members are extremely unfriendly and aggressive.  I told him about the St. Anthony’s Wellness Center email you had sent out to the employees.  This past Sunday, we went to the facility on Ulmerton Road which is located between both of our places of work and not too far from home.  Wow!! I could not believe the difference.  The staff was friendly and helpful.  After filling out a short application and giving them my PAR badge to copy for the discounts, we were taken on a full tour of the facility.  All the benefits you outlined in your email are true.  The place is kept clean through cleaning stations with sanitary wipes.  Towels are provided as you arrive, as well as locks that are already on the lockers.  No cell phones are allowed on the floor as well as bags.  Appropriate attire is required.  We received swipe cards to enter the building and three personal training sessions are free with membership.  There is no long term contract, and they only requested if you decide to stop the membership to put it in writing 30 days prior to leaving. You can bring your own ear buds to plug into their music or television system. The staff member asked if we would like to sign up for our first personal training session. At first, I declined.  I told her that I had not been on a gym floor in two years and could not compete with the younger set.  She said she understood and that they would work with our individual goals.  So, we scheduled our first training session.  They have nutritional classes as well as a massage therapist.  In the main center, St. Anthony’s has physical therapist that accepts our health insurance.   Again I feel hopeful, encouraged and excited about starting a new exercise fitness program.  Yes, it costs just a little bit more than the average gym. However, considering all of the additional perks and benefits, it is really worth it in my opinion.

          -Operation PAR, Inc. employee

St. Pete College

  • St. Petersburg College (SPC) continues to benefit from our partnership with BayCare.  BayCare’s experienced and dedicated staff of health and wellness professionals have educated SPC employees for over 4 years.  Their commitment to reaching out in the community with wellness programming has extended well beyond the SPC family.  They have bridged a vast network of resources to provide SPC employees with the tools and knowledge to make valuable health care decisions.  The SPC Corporate Wellness Program greatly values the ability to utilize their wealth of dynamic presenters to cover the most prevalent diseases and health conditions affecting our employee population.  SPC will continue to collaborate with BayCare on offering innovative and commendable employee-driven wellness programming for years to come!  

          -Steve Malla, Wellness Coordinator

  • After being diagnosed with Type II diabetes, I really needed help maintaining glucose levels.   If they were high or low, I had no idea what to do.  The BayCare self-management class took the fear away.  The staff was more than supportive.  I attended the all-day class, and I was happy to find a mixed group of students. Some were there for a refresher and some were new like me.  Hillary and Linda did a great job of explaining what we were dealing with and how to control diet and medication levels. I know that they are only a phone call away.  The networking with the other participants was a bonus.  I strongly encourage this class.

          -SPC employee


  • We have partnered with St. Anthony’s for several years providing wellness sessions on many different topics to our employees.  All of their speakers are knowledgeable, friendly and provide valuable information.  I know that our employees have really enjoyed the speakers and sessions.  We look forward to our continued partnership with St Anthony’s!

          -Rebecca Green, Benefits Analyst

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