Humanity at Work

Sad to say, the health care system defines patients by their illness rather than their humanity, and takes far more interest in symptoms than feelings. But BayCare is rewriting what’s been written in stone and shaking the very foundation of health care. We’re creating a brand new health care model, whose foundation rests on recognizing and respecting each patient’s humanity; on displaying real compassion and real empathy; on meeting the needs of every community and every individual; and on providing quality care that is always available and easily accessible. Simply put, it’s a new prescription for the future of healthcare.

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Humanity at Work Series: Honesty Is The Best Medicine
The relationship between you and your primary care physician is, well, just that: a relationship. And like any relationship, it can only be a healthy one if it’s built on a foundation of trust.
Humanity at Work Series: Trust Is The Foundation of Every Healthy Relationship
We may work here, but we also live here. Our patients are also our neighbors, friends, and even coworkers. And like any good neighbor, we believe trust, honesty, kindness and compassion are the key components needed to create a healthy relationship.
Humanity at Work: Baseball Exec with Major Aortic Dissection Knew to Go to a Major League Hospital
Howard Grosswirth arrived at BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Hospital-North in the middle of the night. He was quickly diagnosed with an aortic dissection and taken by helicopter to BayCare’s St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he underwent a complex eight-hour surgery to repair his heart.
Humanity at Work: If You Need A Heart Procedure, Choosing A BayCare Hospital Is Standard Procedure
Experience. Expertise. Advanced technology. Personal care. It’s why, if people need a heart procedure, choosing a BayCare hospital is standard procedure.

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