Sponsoring a Blood Drive

Sponsoring a Blood Drive

About 65% of our blood is collected on our bloodmobiles. We can bring a bloodmobile to your location for as few as five donors.

Who can sponsor a blood drive?

You can! Blood drives can be held at your place of employment, your community, your church, your school, your civic group, and special events.

What do I have to do?

Just contact us. We will assist you in setting up your blood drive.

To set up your blood drive, call (863) 297-1840 or e-mail whhbloodcenter@baycare.org

How much time will this project require of me?

The first time drive usually takes a little more time. You will be establishing a "baseline" of donors. After your first drive, it’s easy. Just invite your regular donors and ask each of them to bring a friend. The Blood Center Staff will provide any needed assistance to help your blood drive be successful.

Will my blood drive really make a difference?

Yes. Every donor at every blood drive is extremely important to us. If not for your blood drive we may not have the most important unit of blood in the world. (The most important unit of blood is the one the doctor just requested for a patient; the rarest type of blood is the one that is not available when needed.)

Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center is not affiliated with the American Red Cross or the very large independent blood centers surrounding us. Although we maintain a good working relationship with surrounding blood centers, we operate with no support or financial backing from these organizations.

The blood collected at our blood drives is primarily used for our patients. Our primary goal is to provide the blood for this community from this community.

Winter Haven Hospital Community Blood Center is fully licensed by the FDA and accredited by the AABB. As a recognized partner with the National Blood Exchange, a small portion of the blood that we collect is used to help patients in other states. In addition, we are a proud provider of blood for babies to the neonatal intensive care units at Boston Medical Center and Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg.