Back to School, Back to Health

diverse group of young children getting on a school busBack to school season has arrived! Follow these 6 tips to keep the whole family happy and healthy throughout the school year.

1. Be prepared

Your little one has a scratchy throat and watery eyes – are these symptoms of seasonal allergies or the start of a cold? Talk with a provider on BayCareAnywhere® to explore your child’s symptoms and create a treatment plan, ensuring that they are feeling good for that first day of school.

2. Set a bedtime

In order for kids to stay focused throughout the day, sleep is essential. The key to a healthy night’s sleep starts with a firm bedtime for kids and adults. Most adults need at least eight hours of sleep and kids or teens can require upwards of ten. To acclimate for earlier wake times, set a bedtime slightly earlier and stick to it – kids will appreciate feeling rested throughout the day even if they fight the early turndown time. If anyone in the family is having trouble sleeping, a physician on BayCareAnywhere can help determine if it’s just a bad night or a condition like insomnia and how to treat it.

3. Create healthy routines

Consistent sleep schedules are only part of creating a healthy weekday routine for the entire family. As the school year ramps up, so do extra-curricular activities like sports or music. Integrate these interests into the school-week by sticking to specific schedules and plan travel accordingly. Remember to set aside adequate time for homework each night in addition to fun and family time.

4. Teach good hygiene

The start of a new school year brings new friends and new germs. To help kids from getting sick (and bringing it home), teach kids about the importance of thorough hand-washing after using the bathroom and before eating, and covering mouths when coughing or sneezing. With that said, even the cleanest person will still come in contact with and spread germs. Speak with a physician on BayCareAnywhere at the first sign of sickness to determine treatment and recover sooner.

5. Foster a nutritious diet

Packing a lunch complete with fresh fruits, veggies, and protein is essential for growing minds and bodies. Premade snacks are packed with sugar and may give your youngster a jolt of energy, but will leave them tired and cranky shortly thereafter. To give them the energy they need for engaged learning and active sports, make sure they have healthy snacks that they are excited to eat – consider having a conversation about nutritious foods and grocery shopping together for foods you both like.

6. Manage stress

As the school year gears up, stress will start to rear its head and can result in sleeplessness, excessive fatigue, or the development of poor habits. Stress can result in physical ailments like back pain, asthma, and even rash so remember that BayCareAnywhere physicians are always available to discuss and diagnose such symptoms and talk through stress-management for the entire family.

BayCareAnywhere is always here for questions or concerns as the school year gets started – from sickness to stress, physicians are on hand to help when you need it.

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