Stay Safe

Staying safe starts with you.

It’s okay to go out and feel the sun on your face—just make sure to wear a mask. It’s refreshing to visit and talk with friends—just stay six feet away from each other. It’s healthy to finally work out—just wash your hands when you're done.

We’re all excited to go out into the world again. But the risk of getting COVID-19 will never be zero. Following recommended guidelines will help protect yourself and others.

Learn more about how to stay safe and healthy with the articles and videos below.


The Correct Way to Wash Your Hands

There are seven steps to properly washing your hands. Learn about proper handwashing to help stay protected from germs.

How to Manage Stress During Challenging Times

If you’ve been feeling anxious or stressed during the coronavirus pandemic, you are not alone. To help you manage stress and anxiety, Laura Arline, MD, interim chief quality officer at BayCare, provides some helpful tips.