Midlife Woman Services

Midlife Woman Services

Urology Breast Health Surgery for Women Tampa

A Friendly and Feminine Approach

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital cares about women throughout all stages of their lives. The Midlife Woman (age 45+) has unique challenges and health care concerns. Along with some of the finest specialists in obstetrics and gynecology, St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital also provides a unique array of services geared to the midlife woman.

The Breast Center

The Breast Center provides women a full range of specialized breast care services from experienced professionals including mammography and ultrasound services, minimally invasive biopsy options, and surgery. In addition, we’re the first medical facility in Hillsborough County to use Computer-Aided Detection to assist the radiologist in interpreting your mammogram. Because not knowing is often the hardest part for you and your family, we’ve made it our mission to make the time from detection to diagnosis as short as possible.

Urodynamics Lab

Urodynamics is the study of the volume and pressures in the bladder. The tests that we conduct are designed to evaluate bladder or urinary tract dysfunction that will help in diagnosing and treating certain problems like incontinence.

The Urodynamics lab provides an all-female staff that is specially trained to use state-of-the-art equipment in a competent, professional and sensitive manner. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible during your time with us.

Comprehensive Surgical Services

St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital provides complete gynecological services on an inpatient and outpatient basis, in a personal, caring and respectful environment. More than 7,000 surgical procedures are performed each year, including gynecologic, urological, breast, cosmetic and laparoscopic/endoscopic surgeries. Depending on your diagnosis
and your physician’s suggested course of treatment, we also offer uterine-sparing procedures such as endometrial ablation and fibroid embolization.

Support Services

Specially designed for and sensitive to the unique needs of women, we provide many support services for women dealing with disease, addiction and other concerns. Not only can women expect a superior level of care at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital, they can feel confident knowing that we will respect and respond to their needs and wishes, in order to make their experience with us the best possible. As the only freestanding women’s hospital in the state, we take pride in our specialty - you.

We encourage your calls, so that we can be there for you.

Breast Center (813) 872-3700
Cancer Helpline (813) 870-4123
Depression/Anxiety (813) 936-0474
Diabetes Classes (813) 870-4995
Lung Cancer (813) 870-4123
Mammography (813) 872-3700
Mental Health Counseling (813) 936-0474
Nutrition Counseling (813) 879-4730, ext 4800
Osteoporosis Testing (DEXA) (813) 872-2973
Sleep Disorders (813) 870-4450
Smoking Cessation (813) 870-4747
Social Services (813) 872-3915
Stress Management (813) 936-0474
Stroke/Rehabilitation (813) 870-4877
Surgical Programs (813) 872-2905
Urodynamics Lab (813) 872-3940
Weight Management (813) 870-4624