Maternity Services in Lutz, Florida

  • Maternity Services in Lutz, FL

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Having a baby is an exciting and wondrous time. We know that you want exceptional care during labor and delivery, as well as those first couple of days in the hospital while you recover and care for your newborn.

St. Joseph's Hospital-North in Tampa, Florida is a new hospital offering experienced labor and delivery nurses, beautiful, spacious private new rooms with cutting-edge technology for monitoring your unborn baby and excellent postpartum care.

We provide expectant mothers with some of the most current maternity services including pain management through nitrous oxide and aromatherapy, gentle C-sections and skin-to-skin contact.

Experienced Labor and Delivery Nurses

Without a doubt, the most critical part of your birth experience is the help and support you receive from your obstetrician and our labor and delivery nurses. All of our nurses have at least three to five years of experience in labor and delivery.

At St. Joseph's Hospital-North, our patients truly receive unique one-on-one care for both mommy and baby. Our postpartum nurses place a special emphasis on patient education—especially if this is your first baby. They will teach you everything you need to know about caring for your new little one.

We also have lactation counselors, who can advise you on techniques for a successful breastfeeding start.

Download our free I Expect Planning Guide or register for an upcoming childbirth class or hospital tour.

Gorgeous, Sophisticated Rooms Designed with Childbirth in Mind

We have four private, spacious labor and delivery rooms equipped with:

  • Labor beds that have multiple positions specially designed for comfort during delivery
  • Showers specially designed for use during labor
  • Innovative infant warmers that quickly distribute warmth through a recessed heater while also serving as an in-bed scale
  • Couches that double as beds, so mom’s partner can rest with her while she labors
  • TVs that double as computers, with already established connections to the Internet, so you can upload photos of your new little one as soon as you are ready
  • Walls painted in hues of color designed for flash photography, so that your pictures of your new family look perfect
  • New moms are sent home with a plush robe along with a knitted hat and booties for baby

Learn more about Labor and Delivery and What to Expect 

BayCare now offers a Breast Milk Donor Program to improve the health and nutrition of babies in BayCare's NICUs.

Exceptional Patient Quality and Safety

Our entire hospital uses Electronic Medical Records (EMR), a computerized system that our doctors and nurses use to keep track of patient care. Meant to replace old-fashioned paper charting, the Labor and Delivery EMR is configured to alert our doctors and nurses about standards of care based on best practices developed from our system-wide record of 7,000 births a year. This means both you and your baby are getting the most advanced, cutting-edge technology to keep track of your labor and delivery.

The system also ensures continuity of care, for after delivery, when we transfer you to the Mom and Baby unit to recover after labor, all of your records are recorded in a safe and secure electronic system, accessible to your postpartum nurses and your obstetrician.

Welcoming a New Baby?

For a referral to a St. Joseph's Hospital-North obstetrician, please call (813) 443-2010 or find a doctor near you. Request a planning guide that has all the information you need to know about your delivery at St. Joseph's Hospital-North.

Once your obstetrician confirms you will be giving birth at St. Joseph’s Hospital-North, then you should arrange for your many delivery details ahead of time by pre-registering online for your baby's birth. Also, learn more about having baby portraits taken by the hospital.

Education for New Parents

You may also be interested in attending one of our Prepared Childbirth classes. The Prepared Childbirth classes meet twice—at the second class you will attend a tour of our beautiful Labor and Delivery unit and see the Mom and Baby (postpartum) rooms, so you can know what to expect. 

Learn more about maternity services at BayCare.