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The Shimberg Breast Center, a division of Imaging Services at St. Joseph's Hospital-North, the newest state-of-the-art digital facility in the Tampa Bay area, offers a full range of high-quality imaging and breast biopsy services. We are a sister facility to Shimberg Breast Center at St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Tampa, FL. We have accreditation from the American College of Radiology as a Breast Center of Excellence; learn more about our ACR accreditation.

We are here to accommodate all of your breast imaging and biopsy needs. Make an appointment for a screening mammogram. Learn more about Imaging Services.

Monday-Thursday 7:30am until 3:30pm

Advanced Breast Imaging in North Tampa Bay

We offer the latest and most sophisticated imaging for breasts, including:

  • Digital mammograms
  • Breast MRI
  • Breast ultrasound
  • Diagnostic and screening mammography

Sometimes, a mammogram comes back with an abnormality on the image. You should know that 80 percent of irregularities found on a mammogram are not cancerous. However, it is critical that you have the abnormality looked at again—usually with a few more mammogram images followed by a breast ultrasound if needed. After the ultrasound, your radiologist may recommend a breast biopsy.

We consistently receive the highest patient satisfaction scores, something our past patients can tell you more about.

Watch as one of our patients, Linda, describes her treatment for breast cancer at St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Minimally Invasive Breast Biopsies

At The Shimberg Breast Center, we offer minimally invasive breast biopsies, including stereotactic ultrasound-guided biopsies and MRI Guided Breast Biopsies. This means we insert a small, hollow needle into the area of abnormality using ultrasound and/or mammograms, and/or MRI to guide the radiologist's needle into the suspected lesion. Then we send the sample of cells to the pathologist to determine if they are cancerous. As we said earlier, in most cases, breast masses are not usually cancer, but it is important to rule out the possibility.

A stereotactic breast biopsy is minimally invasive, which means you will have a small incision. The area is numbed using a local anesthetic. Most women can return to work the next day.

Directions to The Breast Center

When you make an appointment to visit us at The Shimberg Breast Center, we will instruct you to go to Admitting before you come to see us in Imaging Services. Admitting is across from the front desk located in the main entrance of St. Joseph’s Hospital-North. After you leave Admitting, you will turn right and Imaging Services is located directly across the hallway. You can use valet parking when you arrive at the hospital.

The Shimberg Breast Center at St. Joseph's Hospital-North
4211 Van Dyke Road
Lutz, FL 33558
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