Therapeutic Policy Rotation

Therapeutic Policy Rotation

Rotation Goal

The goal of the therapeutic policy rotation is to provide an overview of the principles of formulary management and to enhance research and communication of medical information.

Rotation Description

The resident will be involved in various formulary management projects assigned by the preceptor or other members of the department. This rotation incorporates formulary management principles, drug information, and medication safety. Major projects (drug monograph, MUE) will be assigned at the beginning of the rotation. Progress reports will be given at least weekly to the manager and clinical coordinators. In addition, the resident will present project updates and results to the pharmacy leadership team.  The resident will participate in the BayCare clinical pharmacy team meetings and the BayCare pharmacy and therapeutics committee meetings. The resident will also participate in the evaluation of evidence based measures and provide process updates to the pharmacy team as needed.

Rotation Activities

  • Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
    • Prepare an accurate, well-researched comparative drug evaluation for use by the Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
    • Attend a Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee (BayCare or SJH)
    • Discuss and understand the workings of a system based P&T Committee and a hospital based committee
    • Understand the reporting structure of the medical staff committees and how therapeutic initiatives are made and communicated
  • Newsletters/Presentations
    • Prepare and submit an article for the Nursing Newsletter
    • Coordinate and present pertinent topic for the monthly Pharmacy Therapeutic Update
    • Communicate therapeutic initiatives and/or formulary changes to pharmacy team
  • Drug Information
    • Respond to drug information questions received by the pharmacists or other health care professionals
  • Medication Safety
    • Be familiar with the medication use process and identify an area of interest to measure and report compliance back to the pharmacy leadership team
    • Evaluate medication safety issues and recommend and communicate process changes
  • Evidence-Based Measures/Regulatory Issues
    • Understand the hospital's quality initiatives related to evidence based medicine
    • Understand the role of the pharmacy in these initiatives
      participate in the data collection and pharmacist education in evidence based measures as needed
    • Evaluate a current initiative (medication reconciliation, national patient safety goals, etc) and recommend potential process changes based on data collected
  • Participate in the medication use evaluation program
    • Develop criteria and monitoring parameters for a medication use evaluation
    • Collect and analyze data
    • Recommend and implement process changes based on findings
  • Drug Expenses
    • Complete purchasing training with the pharmacy buyer and inventory control technician
    • Evaluate monthly drug expenditures in relation to previous and expected trends in drug use

Rotation Requirements

  • Attend and participate in the monthly BayCare Pharmacy Value Analysis Team meeting
  • Attend and participate in the weekly department Leadership Meetings
  • The resident will attend and participate in other pertinent meetings occurring during the rotation month (i.e. process improvement team meetings, manager work group meetings, pharmacy purchasing meeting).
  • Develop pertinent topic discussion or presentation for the pharmacy technician team members. Submit for CEU credit.
  • Prepare a drug monograph for the BayCare or SJH Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee
  • Supervise clerkship students (i.e. be a resource, assist with projects) when needed

Joanna Caranante, Pharm.D., BCPS