Teaching and Precepting Rotation

Teaching and Precepting Rotation

Rotation Goal

The primary goal of the Teaching/Precepting elective is to provide the skills and “hands-on” experiences to develop the PGY2 resident into an effective preceptor. 

Rotation Description

The pharmacy resident will be responsible for developing and precepting a pediatric rotation for a pharmacy student. The resident will be responsible for precepting the student four hours daily for a total of 4 weeks. Daily activities will include topic discussions with the student, patient profile reviews, and pharmacokinetic drug monitoring. The PGY2 resident will also be responsible for completing student evaluations and attending the formal Journal Club and Case Presentations.

In addition, the PGY2 resident will be assigned various tasks throughout his/her 4 week rotation related to preceptor development, staff education, and public speaking.

Rotation Activities

  • Completion of Student Rotation Calendar
  • Responsible for scheduling and completing student-led topic discussions
  • Nursing in-services
  • Completion of formal Midpoint and Final Evaluations for pharmacy student

Rotation Requirements

  • Will complete a minimum of three student-led topic discussions per week
  • Will attend the student’s journal club and formal case presentation and provide constructive feedback
  • Will complete review of topics presented at the PPAG Annual Meeting to clinical pharmacists
  • Complete student’s Midpoint and Final Evaluations and provide areas for improvement in future rotations