Informatics Rotation

Informatics Rotation

Rotation Goal

The primary emphasis of the rotation is to develop skills and competencies concerning information technology within a hospital environment. The resident will be equipped to understand the complexity of pharmacy informatics. In addition, the rotation will demonstrate how to translate and appropriately communicate the language of medication management into information technology.

Rotation Description

The informatics rotation is thoughtfully designed so that the resident will gain the knowledge and experience necessary to analyze the changing environment of today's multifaceted medication delivery systems. This rotation provides the resident the opportunity to gain experience in clinical pharmacy services, implementing health care-related computer plans, drug-use policy, and pharmacy operations through the use of appropriate technologies.

Rotation Activities

The resident will have the opportunity to explore the following practice areas within the field of pharmacy informatics:

  • Understand the role of informatics programs for the improvement of patient safety
  • Design strategies with the intent to prevent both medication errors and adverse events
  • Identify, analyze, and evaluate current technology trends
  • Provide safe and efficient care through the incorporation of technology and pharmacy practice services
  • Recognize the role of pharmacy in managing and supporting information technology
  • Apply the use of information systems and technology
  • Understand the maintenance responsibilities of informatics systems
  • Apply the logistics of decision support, integration of systems technology, and medication safety essentials
  • Understand the logistics and maintenance requirements of decentralized automated dispensing units
  • Integrate clinical information systems, including pharmacy IS, electronic medication administration record (eMAR), barcode medication administration (BCMA), and computerized prescriber order entry (CPOE)

Rotation Requirements

  • Required hours 7am to 3:30 pm. The times may vary based on patient care and team needs.
  • Provide formal discussions to the preceptor on information technology topics. The resident will be prepared to present the topic with current literature and application to our patient population.
  • Meet with the preceptor daily to discuss current topics, projects, and personal progress through rotation
  • Participate in meetings occurring during the rotation that involve hospital informatics

Ira Kurland, B.S. Pharm.