Craniofacial Center

Craniofacial Center

The St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Center provides pediatric patients with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to treating cleft and craniofacial anomalies. Our team provides family-centered care from the time of diagnosis through surgery and other long-term care. When a child is prenatally diagnosed with a craniofacial defect, we work with the parents and family to prepare for the arrival of their baby and to educate them on potential feeding and treatment options available. Family members are present during the decision-making process and are encouraged to ask questions and be a part of the team. Since the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Craniofacial team meets monthly at the hospital, patients also have access to variety of pediatric providers and services such as pediatric diagnostic and imaging services, pediatric anesthesia and an active child life department. In addition, there is a Chronic Complex Clinic and many other outpatient subspecialties.

Who We Are

Pat Ricalde, MD, DDS, is an oral and maxillofacial surgeon specializing in pediatric craniofacial surgery and is the Director of the St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital Craniofacial Center. Other core members of our team include, but are not limited to:

  • Audiologist
  • Child Life specialist
  • Dentist
  • Geneticist
  • Lactation consultant
  • Nurse
  • Oral and maxillofacial surgeon
  • Orthodontist
  • Orthopedic surgeon
  • Orthotist
  • Otolaryngologist
  • Pediatric neurosurgeon
  • Pediatrician
  • Prosthodontist
  • Psychologist
  • Social worker
  • Speech-language pathologist

Other specialists available for consultation and treatment include a pediatric ophthalmologist, pediatric anesthesiologist, pediatric pulmonologist and pediatric intensivist. We also have a Level II, Level III and Level IV NICU with neonatologists in case your baby requires specialized care after delivery. See our before and after photos.

Conditions We Treat

As a team, we treat a wide variety of conditions including common and rare clefts and craniofacial defects, craniofacial tumors, craniosynostosis and other craniofacial malformations. We treat isolated conditions as well as those associated with syndromes. Conditions we specialize in assessing and treating include, but are not limited to the following:

  • 22q11.2 Deletion (velocardiofacial syndrome)
  • Apert syndrome
  • Beckwith-Wiedemann syndrome
  • Craniosynostosis
  • Crouzon syndrome
  • Goldenhar syndrome
  • Hemifacial microsomia
  • Microtia
  • Midface hypoplasia
  • Moebius syndrome
  • Pierre Robin sequence
  • Saethre-Chotzen syndrome
  • Stickler syndrome
  • Treacher Collins syndrome
  • Van der Woude syndrome
  • V.A.T.E.R. syndrome
  • Velopharyngeal dysfunction

Contact Us

For more information about our craniofacial department, to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our program coordinators, fill out our contact us form or call (813) 870-4565.