Community Classes

Community Classes

St. Joseph's Children's Wellness and Safety Center provides a wide range of safety and wellness education to families, organizations and schools throughout the Tampa Bay area.

For Parents and Caregivers

These practical, comprehensive classes equip parents and caregivers with the skills and knowledge necessary to protect children.

Car Seat Safety Classes*

Statistics show that eight out of 10 child safety seats are installed incorrectly. Our certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will teach parents and caregivers of infants through school-age children how to properly use and install child safety seats.

Infant and Child CPR*

A great class for parents, grandparents, teachers and babysitters, this course follows American Heart Association® guidelines for basic infant and child CPR, choking rescue and home safety education.

Pediatric First Aid*

Learn how to handle common childhood health issues including bleeding, shock, burns, poisoning, head and spine injuries, bone, joint and muscle injuries, bites and stings and heat-related injuries. This course follows American Heart Association® guidelines and addresses ways to prevent childhood injuries.

Safe Baby Express

While nothing can quite prepare you for those first weeks of parenthood, there are many practical ways to help ease the transition. This one-stop safety class educates parents on infant and child CPR, car seat safety, and essentials for creating a safe home environment for your infant.

Shaken Baby Syndrome Prevention

This educational program designed for families, teens, childcare staff and educators covers the causes of and ways to prevent shaken baby syndrome, the dangers and consequences of shaking a young child, coping strategies for caregivers, and victim/offender profiles and statistics.

*Also offered in Spanish on a limited basis.

For Children and Teens

“Be Our Best Programs”

The “Be Our Best” programs offer a range of age-appropriate, school-based lessons that encourage and empower children to develop healthy nutrition habits and vital safety skills that improve overall physical and social well-being. Each “Be Our Best” program can also be adapted for playgroups, summer camps, community centers and other out-of-school settings.

Preschool Programs

I Can Eat a Rainbow (ages 3-5)
A caterpillar puppet and an interactive storybook introduce young children to the importance of eating a variety of healthy foods.

Teddy Bear Clinic (ages 4-5)
Pre-kindergarten children will enjoy taking their favorite stuffed friends through a “check-up” as they learn what to expect at their own pre-kindergarten physicals. Immunization requirements for entering kindergarten will be included in take-home materials.

Elementary School Programs

Germaine the Germ Thing™ (ages 3-7)
Children learn how to prevent the spread of germs through effective hand washing. They will love seeing how germs spread as shown by our special GlitterBug® Potion.

Body Safari (grades 2-3)
This fun and interactive program takes students on an adventure through the major body systems. Students will learn how our organs work together, as well as ways to keep their bodies healthy and safe. Body Safari meets the current state standards for health education for second and third grade students.

Mission Nutrition (grades 4-5)
Mission Nutrition is a race car themed program that teaches students what foods our bodies need to stay healthy. Hands-on activities illustrate how to read and interpret food labels to make informed food choices. Mission Nutrition meets the current state standards for health education for fourth and fifth grade students.

Get Your Fit On (grades K-5)
Get Your Fit On is a fun and interactive program for school-age children and parents to introduce them to the importance of nutrition and exercise. This program can be offered as classroom lessons or as an eight-week program.

Adolescent Programs

Safe Sitter® (age 11 and up)
“Better Sitters today ... Better Parents tomorrow” is the objective of the national Safe Sitter course. In this one-day class, adolescents learn the responsibilities of a babysitter, safety concerns, injury prevention, business management, appropriate behaviors and activities for children of all ages, choking rescue and how to be successful on the job.

Life Choices (ages 12-14)
This two-day class is for older middle school students. Material covered includes decision-making, goal-setting, puberty, sexuality, reproduction, STDs and abstinence. Students will take home infant simulators for a weekend to reinforce the responsibilities of parenthood.

Teen Talk for Girls (ages 10-14)
This introductory class for girls and their parents will discuss the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. An optional abstinence-based discussion of sexuality may also be presented.

Teen Talk for Boys (ages 11-14)
Boys and their parents can learn about and discuss the physical and emotional changes of adolescence. An optional abstinence-based discussion may also be presented.

Teen Talk 2 (ages 14-17)
Teen Talk 2 offers older teens the information necessary to make healthy choices when it comes to decisions about human sexuality. While focusing on abstinence, this program covers important topics like STDs, consequences, dating and relationship tips, and techniques for saying “no.”

To register to one or more of our classes: If you would like to bring some of the classes to your community event or health fair call the Children’s Wellness and Safety Center at (813) 615-0589.