Chronic-Complex Clinic

Chronic-Complex Clinic

The Chronic-Complex Clinic specializes in care for children with special needs. Our young patients cope with a variety of complex medical issues, some of which include premature birth, cancer and blood diseases, congenital disorders, cerebral palsy, heart disease and autism. As a result, these children may also experience developmental delays in speech, motor and cognitive development.

Our dedicated physicians, nurses, social workers and child life specialists work together with patients and families to provide the most effective plan of care. We are a "medical home" where children receive the special attention needed for comprehensive health services in a friendly and professional atmosphere. We address all medical concerns and offer direct admission to the hospital, avoiding the emergency room unless necessary. We provide care that is:

  • Accessible
  • Family-centered
  • Continuous
  • Comprehensive
  • Coordinated
  • Compassionate
  • Culturally effective
  • Developmentally stimulating


Caring for a chronically ill child can be overwhelming and requires families to adjust and reassess many aspects of their lives. It is important that parents feel empowered, informed and involved in the care of their child. At the Chronic-Complex Clinic, we have a social worker, child life specialist and Children's Medical Services case manager available to support children and families through this process. We also facilitate a support group for parents and other special events for families throughout the year.

Social Workers

  • Provide support to families through counseling and resource referrals
  • Assist by serving as a liaison or advocate for families between the medical system and other systems

Child Life Specialists

  • Provide developmental and educational support for children and their siblings
  • Facilitate annual Sibshops, Developmental Play Groups and outreach opportunities for children to encourage peer interaction, developmental stimulation and facilitate positive coping

Children's Medical Services

  • Is a program of the Florida Department of Health, and partners with us to provide support to children with special needs
  • Provides on-site nursing care coordination to support our families

Well Visits

Childhood is a time of rapid growth and development. For a child with chronic illness, changes can be even more complex and challenging than those of a typical child. Pediatric well visits can help to maintain levels of health and identify new problems early, before they become significant health risks. At the Chronic-Complex Clinic, children receive a complete physical examination and growth and development assessment at each visit. Our team uses distraction techniques and advocates a "no pain" initiative for medical procedures.

Throughout each child's program of care, we encourage communication between families and the medical staff. Physicians, nurses and specialists meet with children and families for as long as necessary. As part of a complete care practice, we utilize nutritionists and pharmacists to further serve our children and their families with the most current and accurate information on nutrition, available medications and drug reactions. Parents receive a complete review of their child's condition, development, progress, immunizations and continuing care needs.

Commitment to Quality

St. Joseph's Children's Hospital is the largest provider of acute medical and surgical pediatric care in Hillsborough County and is recognized as one of the community's strongest advocates for children and their families. At the Chronic-Complex Clinic, our team of dedicated professionals continues that commitment. Each physician is also a hospitalist at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, and will be available to provide continuity of care if a child is admitted to the hospital. Our location within the hospital's Medical Arts Building provides easy access to laboratory and radiology services, as well as to many pediatric specialties.

Call the St. Joseph's Children's Hospital Chronic-Complex Clinic at (813) 554-8093 or (813) 554-8500.

St. Joseph's Hospital Medical Arts Building
3003 W. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33607
Take elevator A to the third floor. Take the first hallway on your right. Follow the red tiles on floor until you reach the Chronic-Complex Clinic.