Maternity Services in Plant City, Florida

South Florida Baptist Hospital does an excellent job of meeting the health care needs of women in the Plant City area. From obstetrics to gynecology, South Florida Baptist Hospital is the hospital of choice for most Plant City area women. The first step is to pre-register online. Click here for maternity pre-registration

A Positive Childbirth Experience
The professional and caring staff at the Family Childbirth Center will do everything they can to make sure your baby's delivery is a comfortable, happy and rewarding experience.

  • Quality care provided
  • More than 500 babies are born in our hospital every year
  • Spacious labor & delivery/recovery rooms
  • Private attractively furnished rooms
  • Babies remain in the room with mom for the majority of the time, but there is also a well-baby nursery
  • Liberal family visiting hours
  • Baby portraits

High Risk Pregnancy
You have every reason to expect that your delivery will be normal and that both mother and baby will go home healthy and happy. But sometimes complications do occur. You can feel comfortable in knowing that in addition to the highly skilled staff of nurses and doctors, advanced registered neonatal nurse practitioners are at the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet all of the baby's needs, especially during high risk and cesarean section deliveries.

Special Services:

  • Tours of the Family Childbirth Center are offered at no charge
  • BayCare now offers a Breast Milk Donor Program to improve the health and nutrition of babies in the NICU
  • South Florida Baptist Hospital now offers Pronox to qualified patients in childbirth as an alternative analgesic to an epidural. Self-administered by through a mask, it is very safe and makes the mother's delivery pain tolerable

Affiliation with St. Joseph's Women's Hospital
South Florida Baptist Hospital is affiliated with St. Joseph's Women's Hospital in Tampa to provide a high level of newborn medical care. Babies who require this advanced level of care will be transferred to the Level IV neonatal intensive care unit provided by St. Joseph's Children's Hospital.

To learn more about our maternity services, download the I Expect Planning Guide or register for a class. Or call for a physician referral at (813) 757-8343.

Learn more about maternity services at BayCare.

Location & Phone Number
Family Childbirth Center
3rd floor of the Hospital South Wing
(813) 757-8343