Take Time Out for Your Health and Wellness

Take Time Out for Your Health and Wellness

During this holiday season, it’s important to take a moment every day to keep yourself healthy and balanced. Let us help you fit a positive change into your daily life, such as eating more fruits and vegetables, drinking more water and taking a walk.

With your busy holiday schedule, we know it’s vital for your new goal to easily integrate into your daily routine. The Kare-N™ Digital Wellness Therapy program
ties your new goal to something you already do and seamlessly flows with your schedule.

Try out the habit-building plan, available as a text message program, and celebrate each day you meet your pledge! (Message and data rates may apply.)

Pick from a list of simple changes to work on, so you can treat yourself right and:

  • Get moving to have more energy
  • Feel more healthy by improving your eating habits
  • Feel more peaceful by meditating or praying
  • Sleep better by avoiding caffeine before bedtime

Ready to get started with your own pledge? Click here to enroll in our program.