Fran Russell

Fran Russell

Fran RussellFran Russell, a licensed practical nurse, is the manager of the Bariatric Program at St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Anthony’s Wellness Center and can be found in her office at St. Anthony’s Hospital or around the corner in the LifeHelp department. Her primary goal is to help bariatric patients navigate through the program, and make available to them the resources to be successful in their journey.

Background and Experience

Born at St. Anthony’s Hospital and raised in St. Petersburg, Fran’s inspiration to become a nurse came from her mother who was a recovery room nurse at St. Anthony’s for many years. Fran has lived in many cities across the country including San Francisco, California and Cody, Wyoming, but always ends up back “home.”

Fran’s 30-year career began as medical/surgical nurse caring primarily for postoperative patients. In April 1980, she was recruited by the late Dr. James Pollack to be his assistant. It was under his mentoring that she developed a successful surgical program that focused on patient care, education and the patient’s success. In August 2006, Fran brought her expertise and extensive experience to St. Anthony’s Hospital to begin a surgical specialty program. Her understanding that making a life-altering change in one’s life requires a great deal of hard work, discipline and dedication on the part of the patient, has enabled her to guide patients and assist them through the process. She is always available to make sure they have the necessary tools.

Fran joined the Bariatric team in July 2011 as manager of the bariatric program. She guides the patient through preoperative testing by coordinating appointments and researching insurance. Because she wants patients to succeed and reach their goals, Fran will follow up postoperatively to make sure patients are seeing their dietitian, attending support group meeting and participating in physical activity. She has developed a “Clothes Closet” for patients to exchange clothing that is now too big for them for clothes in smaller sizes.

A Personal Note

“Obesity is a national epidemic, and one that I have been around my whole life. Helping people save their life from the destruction that obesity creates physically, emotional and psychologically, is our primary goal. My reward is when a patient walks in my office and I don’t recognize them due to their weight loss and the huge smile on their face!”