Molecular Oncology

As a hospital-based laboratory, BayCare Laboratories knows the importance of personalized healthcare.  BayCare Laboratories provides a wide range of molecular oncology testing to help our physicians make the most educated treatment decisions for their cancer patients.

Molecular Genetics

BayCare Laboratories offers the most frequently ordered and useful molecular genetic tests on the market. Our molecular genetics menu helps physicians and their patients make important and informed decisions regarding their risk of inherited disease.

Molecular Infectious Disease Testing

BayCare Laboratories offers an infectious disease menu including FDA-approved and  laboratory-developed tests, with high sensitivity and specificity for the detection of infectious disease pathogens. We understand that the speed and quality of diagnostic service is essential to physician practices and that is why most of our infectious disease tests are performed daily.

Molecular testing available:

Molecular Oncology Molecular Genetics

Hematopoietic Diseases

Solid Tumor


Molecular Infectious Disease

Sexually Transmitted Disease

Viral Load Testing

Respiratory Disease

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