Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Approximately 48 million Americans suffer from hearing loss. BayCare’s Morton Plant Hospital in Clearwater and St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa offer many individuals a solution that goes beyond hearing aids, called a cochlear implant.

Cochlear implants are designed for both adults and children who have moderate to profound sensorineural hearing loss. They bypass damaged portions of the ear and directly stimulate the auditory nerve, which then sends a direct signal to the brain. While a hearing aid makes sounds and speech louder, a cochlear implant helps bring back the clarity of speech that a hearing aid cannot. Although a cochlear implant does not restore hearing to normal, it can help a person understand speech and noises in the environment to enhance their ability to hear in a variety of listening environments.

The implant surgery is performed by an Otolaryngologist, frequently referred to as an ear, nose, throat (ENT) physician, and requires general anesthesia. An audiologist programs the external processor and ensures optimal benefit from the implant. They also teach the patient how to properly use and care for the implant. For a detailed view of this procedure and how the cochlear implant works, visit our health information library.

To learn more about the benefits of this technology and determine if you are a candidate for cochlear implants, please call our BayCare Physician Referral line at 1-800-229-2273 to locate an Otolaryngologist who performs cochlear implants.

Cochlear implants are covered by Medicare and most insurance plans. Please contact your insurance company for coverage information.

This procedure is offered at the following hospitals:

  • Morton Plant Hospital
  • St. Joseph's Hospital

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