Our Staff

Our Staff

At BayCare, we are committed to protecting your health, so we provide patients with a personal care team that includes physician specialists and health care professionals who specialize in diagnosing and caring for women with breast cancer - offering the best care possible.

Each patient comes to us with different needs, so our care team stands ready to help in the most appropriate and efficient manner possible, working hard to alleviate patient discomfort and concerns.

Certified Mammography Technologists

During both screening and diagnostic mammograms, BayCare's certified technologists can ensure clear, accurate images for your doctors to review. While helping you monitor your health, they also keep your comfort and privacy in mind.


Our highly qualified and compassionate nurses will assist patients in diagnostic and treatment procedures, and often serve as a very personal resource for breast cancer patients. 

Patient Navigators

These registered nurses guide you through the entire process of addressing breast cancer. If you are diagnosed with breast cancer, they coordinate all your care, offer you support and education, refer you to local resources for financial assistance, and answer any questions you have.


Our board-certified radiologists, who are sub-specialized in breast care, will review your images and discuss any areas of concern with you and other doctors on your team. They may also perform image-guided biopsies for suspicious areas.


If you require breast surgery, you are in good hands with BayCare surgeons. Using the latest technologies and techniques, they will remove problematic tissue and help you become cancer-free.