Internet Access

Internet Access

St. Anthony’s now has high-speed wireless Internet access (also known as Wi-Fi) available for patients, visitors and physicians. St. Anthony’s Hospital and St. Anthony's Outpatient Center campuses have been set up as a “hot spot” for free wireless Internet access. As a result, you can go online if you have a wireless device (such as a PDA) or a laptop computer equipped with a wireless card.

The following locations are “hot spots”:

  • St. Anthony’s Hospital:
    • Parking garage (ground floor)
    • All floors of hospital (including patient rooms and waiting rooms)
    • Professional Office Building (first floor lobby area)
    • Medical Office Building (first floor lobby area)
    • Heart Center (first floor lobby area, second floor Cath Lab area and bridge to hospital)
  • St. Anthony's Outpatient Center: lobby and eating area near Nature’s Table Cafe

How to connect to the Internet using laptop computers:

  1. Turn on laptop computer like you normally do
  2. If the laptop has a correctly configured wireless card, it should see the network automatically
  3. Once the wireless card finds the network, launch the Internet browser to go online

Please note: St. Anthony's will not provide any technical support for issues with the wireless Internet access.