Morton Plant Offers Less Invasive Knee Replacement Option

September 21, 2022
 Morton Plant Offers Less Invasive Knee Replacement Option


First in Area to Use Lateral Approach

BayCare's Morton Plant Hospital recently became the first hospital in the Tampa Bay area to offer lateral approach knee replacement surgery. 

This procedure is also referred to as quadricep sparing surgery because it doesn’t require the surgeon to cut the quadricep muscle. For the patient, this should mean a smaller scar and a quicker recovery.

Orthopedic Surgeon David Cheong, MD, who is with Orthopedic Associates of West Florida on the Morton Plant campus, has been performing the surgeries at Morton Plant since July. He saw the advantages of the procedure when he decided to spend time observing it in person.

“Though it’s a technically difficult procedure, I recognized the benefits for my patients would be worth the investment of my time away from my practice to learn it,” he said.

For the lateral knee approach, the surgeon makes a 3- to 4-inch incision on the outside of the knee, following the outside edge of the quadricep muscle and then pushes the muscle over to replace the joint with the same reliable surgical implant used in traditional knee replacement. 

The muscle and tendon remain intact, meaning patients generally regain muscle strength and control more quickly than in the past. They also generally experience less pain.

Many patients play golf six weeks post-surgery and a patient in Orlando returned to water skiing only three months after the procedure.

“Through the years I have learned and believe that no matter how good you think you are, you can always do better. I wanted to do better for my patients,” Dr. Cheong added.

Though this procedure is new to the area, patients know of it from their own research. Dr. Cheong says often patients ask if he does lateral approach knee replacement before he mentions it.

To find out more about total joint replacement at Morton Plant Hospital, click here

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