Quality Report Card

Quality Report Card

Mitchell Rehabilitation Hospital Quality Report Card

At Mitchell Rehabilitation Hospital, providing a quality care is very important to us. Below is information about our quality measures as compared to other inpatient rehabilitation programs in the nation. We use a national database called the Uniform Data System (UDS) for Medical Rehabilitation to compare our facility results to 466,924 rehabilitation patients throughout the nation. All numbers and rates listed below are for patients discharged in the year 2015.

Condition # Patients Treated at Mitchell Rehab (UDS)
 Neurological 84 (19.7%) 
 Stroke 76 (17.8%) 
 Non-traumatic Brain Injury 48 (11.2%) 
 Fracture of Lower Extremities 46 (10.8%) 
 Miscellaneous 44 (10.3%) 
 Replacement of Lower Extremities 34 (7.9%) 
 Pulmonary 19 (4.4%) 
 Non-traumatic Spinal Cord Injury 15 (3.5%) 
 Cardiac 14 (3.3%) 
 Amputation 8 (1.9%) 
 Traumatic Brain Injury 6 (1.4%) 
 Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury 5 (1.2%) 
 Other Conditions 28 
 Total 427 

Excellence in rehabilitation is measured by efficiency (how quickly you reach your goals), outcomes (percent of goals achieved, percent discharged home) and patient satisfied with care received.

Length of Stay
Measure Mitchell Rehab  National adjusted (UDS) 
Average Length of Stay

(Facility Case Mix Index for calendar year 2015 was 1.27 – Nation was 1.31)
12.7 days

12.6 days 

Outcomes of Therapy
Measure Mitchell Rehab National adjusted (UDS)
Functional improvement 25.4 points  30.5 points 
Percent of patients discharged home  77%  78.1% 
Percent of patients with unplanned transfers to acute medical facilities 9.4%  9.8% 
Percent of patients discharged to long-term care facilities  13.1%  11.8% 

Patient Satisfaction with Care
Measure 90-Day Post Discharge Survey Using MedTel Outcome* 
Program improved the quality of my life 92% (178 of 194) positive response
Program adequately prepared me for going home 96% (173 of 181) positive response 
Satisfied with person who assisted me with my discharge 96% (182 of 189) positive response 
Progress I made met my expectations  91% (181 of 201) positive response 
Family member/caregiver adequately trained  82% (128 of 155) positive response 

* Three months after discharge from the facility, a nurse from MedTel Outcomes contacts discharged persons served.
(Sample Size = 50% of all discharges to community) on behalf of Mitchell Rehab to determine:

  • Progress since discharge
  • Ability to sustain and/or improve on their function
  • Feedback on their rehab stay