My BayCare Patient Portal

My BayCare Patient Portal:

Convenience for You and Your Health Care Team 

Welcome to the BayCare patient portal,, your personal website for connecting to online medical records. BayCare now keeps certain hospital information in a SECURE, electronic medical record so your doctors and nurses have faster and more complete access to your records while you are a patient with us. And, best of all, when you enroll in you can connect to your own records online, 24-7-365.


Membership in begins when you provide your email address during patient registration at a BayCare hospital, a BayCare emergency department or a BayCare outpatient facility (lab, imaging).

Membership is by invitation only, so you should have received an email invitation shortly after completing the BayCare patient registration process. If you have not yet responded to that email, the invitation is good for 30 days from your date of registration. However, if your email invitation has expired, please contact BayCare at (888) 499-9003 to receive a new email invitation.

Connecting to Your Current Medical Information

  • Your personal health record, which includes any information you’ve provided about your health conditions, medications, supplements and allergies
  • Inpatient, ER and lab results, along with discharge information
  • Bill pay options
  • Secure question submission regarding medical records, bills and other items
  • Physician search
  • Announcements
  • BayCare Health Events

Membership in specifically provides information collected and recorded during your BayCare visit and does not reflect any other online information about your health, including information from outside physicians or other portals.

For additional assistance with the BayCare patient portal,, please call (888) 499-9003.

*Parents of patients ages 0 to 12 (11 years and 364 days old) may establish access to the BayCare patient portal,, on their child's behalf, but in all cases, that access will expire on the day prior to the child's twelfth birthday. Parents of patients ages 12 to 17 are not permitted to access their child's information due to Florida privacy laws.