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Children's Health Services in Safety Harbor, Florida

Top notch pediatric care for the children of Pasco and Pinellas counties is conveniently located at Mease Countryside Hospital. Thanks to the partnership with St. Joseph's Children's Hospital, Tampa's only children's hospital, your child can get expert pediatric care exclusively for kids close to home.

We provide the following services:

Newborn Care at Mease Countryside Hospital

The specialized newborn care offered at Mease Countryside Hospital's Maternity Center and Pediatric Unit is strengthened by our partnership with St. Joseph's Children's Hospital and the 24-hour Steinbrenner Children's Emergency/Trauma Center. The Maternity Center at Mease Countryside Hospital offers unique techniques and education to encourage mom and baby bonding and to nurture newborn health. Our education continues after discharge with a variety of parenting classes offered on campus. Find a class.

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) - Level III

For babies who are born early, who have problems during delivery, or who develop problems while still in the hospital, we offer peace of mind with neonatal intensive care unit, sometimes called a special care nursery.

Offering a high-level of specialty newborn care, Mease Countryside Hospital has a 10-bed level III unit. Our level III NICU can provide care for babies:

  • Born early at 28 weeks or less
  • Weighing at least 1000 grams (2.2 pounds)
  • Needing advanced respiratory support

Caring for these babies takes a specialized team of caregivers and advanced technology. Our level III NICU has:

  • 24-hour, in house board-certified neonatologists and nurse practitioners, certified nurses and respiratory therapy staff as well as onsite pediatric medical subspecialists
  • Advanced imaging technology with immediate emergency interpretation
  • Pediatric surgeons and anesthesiologists onsite or located at a nearby institution

Our Neonatal and Pediatric Transport Team offers transport to St. Joseph's Children's Hospital in a special ambulance, if necessary.

Emergency Care Exclusively for Kids

When your child needs emergency care due to illness or injury, it can be a frightening experience. The Jacobsen ER at Mease Countryside Hospital is designed to make the visit to the ER calm, and less scary to the child and the whole family.
  • Our emergency physicians and nurses specialize in treating children and are available 24/7.
  • Our ER has specialized equipment to diagnose and treat kids. 
  • A Child Life specialist is available to help explain diagnosis and procedures and use play techniques to distract and calm our young patients.
  • Our waiting area is separated from the adult waiting area and is designed for kids
  • If necessary, we can arrange for transfer to the Steinbrenner Children's Emergency and Trauma Center at St. Joseph’s Children’s Hospital in Tampa.

Pediatric Inpatient Unit

Mease Countryside Hospital has 14 semi-private rooms designed to meet children's inpatient medical needs. The pediatric unit is designed to make the hospital stay as pleasant, cozy and non-threatening as possible to the child and the family. In addition to the family-centered environment, the experienced physicians and staff are specially trained to treat children. Our Child Life Specialists help hospitalized children and their families adjust to the hospital environment and cope with procedures and diagnoses. Our child advocates provide education on health and safety for children and families to prevent future injuries. Other features include:

  • Family-centered approach always includes parents in decisions and in the plan of care
  • One parent can always sleep in the room with child
  • Sophisticated security system with camera surveillance in each room
  • A Child Life Specialist to help children learn about their surroundings and procedures without fear

To learn more about St. Joseph's Children's Hospital at Mease Countryside Hospital, watch our video.

Outpatient Pediatric Services

Our outpatient-based pediatric services include:

Learn more about children's health services at BayCare.

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