Your HEART score was 3

at Your Recent Chest Pain Emergency Room Visit

Chest pain can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes the cause can't be determined. The testing completed in the Emergency Department did NOT show any evidence of a heart attack. This was based on a blood work, an electrocardiogram (ECG), the exam, and your personal risk factors. However, even if everything appears normal, your chest pain may be an early warning sign of a possible FUTURE heart attack or heart condition.

Because your HEART score was 3, you should see a Cardiologist within 72 hours for a follow up. Further evaluation and testing will help check if your heart is working correctly.

If you do not have a cardiologist, please call 1-844-260-7152* or fill out the form and we’ll contact you with several cardiologists who can see you quickly for follow up appointment.

*If you would like to call AND your ER visit occurred Thursday-Saturday, please tell our representative you need a follow up appointment with a cardiologist within 24 hours. This will help ensure you are seen within the recommended time frame following your ED visit.

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