Morton Plant Hospital - Hearing Health Center

Morton Plant Hospital - Hearing Health Center

Morton Plant Hospital - Hearing Health Center
Ptak Orthopaedic & Neuroscience Pavilion
430 Morton Plant St.
Suite 110
Clearwater, FL 33756
Phone: (727) 461-8807
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Facility Hours

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 8am-4:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday, closed

About Us

The Morton Plant Mease Hearing Health Center provides comprehensive hearing tests and assessments for children and adults. It uses the most modern technology to detect the precise type and extent of hearing loss. The center also evaluates an individual’s ability to understand speech. The center uses specialized procedures and protocols in addition to standard hearing evaluations. There are separate areas to test children and adults.

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The Morton Plant Mease Hearing Health Center is located on the campus of Morton Plant Hospital in the Ptak Orthopaedic and Neuroscience Pavilion. Ptak is on Morton Plant Street. Morton Plant Street is accessible from the Pinellas Street entrance to the campus.

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Services Offered

  • Hearing tests, evaluations and treatments for newborns to adults
  • Individualized, age-appropriate hearing evaluation methods
  • Hearing aid programming, fittings, repairs
  • Treatment for tinnitus, a ringing, buzzing or constant noise in the ear
  • Aural/audiologic rehabilitation focuses on adjusting to hearing loss using hearing aids, assistive devices, relearning listening skills, using visual clues, rearranging the home and working with family
  • Education about assistive listening devices that can be used to overcome the effects of background noise, poor room acoustics or being located far from a speaker
  • Custom earmolds can be made to prevent hearing damage during loud activities that include heavy machinery operation, attendance at musical events, motor sports spectating and other activities. Custom earmolds are commonly made for race track employees, musicians, pilots, firearms shooters and others frequently exposed to loud noises and activities. They are also made for swimmers to protect against swimmer's ear.
  • Earwax removal