Insurance and Billing

For Billing questions, please call (813) 443-8070.

Client Billing

BayCare Laboratories will submit invoices at the beginning of each month for all laboratory tests that were resulted during the previous month. The invoices include a payment coupon and we enclose a payment envelope for your convenience. The payment terms are NET 30 days. 

Third Party Insurance Carriers

BayCare Laboratories will bill all third party insurance carriers, including in-network and out-of-network insurance companies. Some out-of-network insurance companies may need to be pre-authorized by the ordering physician. All third party billing information must be included on the test requisition including the following: patient name, date of birth, patient address, insurance name, insurance address, member ID, group number, ordering physician's name, UPIN number, and a diagnosis code(s) for ordering the test.

View a list of accepted insurance plans.

View a list of insurance plans NOT accepted at BayCare.

Patient Billing

BayCare Laboratories accepts checks from patients requesting direct billing for services performed by our laboratory. The payment terms for patient bills are NET 30 days.

Medicaid and Medicare Billing

BayCare Laboratories will bill Medicare and Medicaid directly for services rendered, if the ordering physician is eligible for BayCare Laboratories to complete the billing. All billing information must be included on the test requisition including the following: patient name, patient address, patient date of birth, Medicare or Medicaid number. Medicare also requires the ordering physician's name and NPI number, and for Medicaid, the referring physician's name and Medicaid provider number. Established diagnoses with related ICD-10 codes and/or signs/symptoms which support medical necessity must be written on the test requisition. If you feel that Medicare may not pay for the ordered test(s), you must inform the patient that Medicare may not cover the test(s) ordered and complete an Advanced Beneficiary Notice of Non Coverage (ABN). The ABN must be signed and dated by the patient prior to the service, and items or services with their estimated prices must be indicated for which Medicare is likely to deny payment.


View a copy of the Advanced Beneficiary Notice