Bereavement Support

The day you learned you were pregnant you started imagining your future...
a life filled with hopes and dreams of seeing your baby the very first time, the first  birthday party, the first day of kindergarten, and all those ‘family things’ you would enjoy with your child. Losing those hopes and dreams can be devastating. While we cannot take away your pain, the hearts and prayers of the St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital family are with you as you pick up the pieces of your life and travel this unique and very individual journey.

Losing a baby can be a confusing and frustrating time. The next days and months may be difficult for you and your family. There are no rules and there is no schedule. You might feel like you are riding a giant, scary rollercoaster. It is unpredictable with ups and downs, lots of emotions, and many ‘normal’ feelings. You may ask yourself all those ‘what if’ questions.

The following articles articles may help you find answers to some of your questions. We hope this information will help you make your way through the days ahead.

For more information and support please contact the Perinatal Bereavement Support Services Program at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital at 813-872-2930.