Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center

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The Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center at St. Anthony's Hospital is committed to providing the best care possible for patients with disorders affecting the base of the skull and orbit. St. Anthony's Hospital is one of the few hospitals in the country to offer a specialized and interdisciplinary program for tumors of the skull base and orbit.

Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center at St. Anthony's Hospital provides diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients with lesions and tumors affecting the base of the skull. The physicians and staff at the Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center are devoted to the art and science of skull base surgery. We integrate superior technology with the unparalleled personalized care that many have come to expect at St. Anthony's Hospital.

The Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center (MISBC) offers innovative, minimally invasive ways to treat complex conditions affecting the skull base and orbit. Our center has experience in managing benign tumors and cancers of the paranasal sinuses, pituitary gland and skull base, as well as challenging orbital problems that lead to exophthalmos and compressive optic neuropathies. Using thin and precise endoscopic instrumentation that is inserted through the nostril, the orbit and major portions of the skull base are accessible. The endoscope allows for an enhanced, vivid panoramic view of the skull base, orbit and brain. This minimally invasive approach typically eliminates the need for facial incisions, craniotomies and brain retraction. This results in:
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  • Reduced complications
  • Less pain
  • Reduced scarring
  • Faster overall recovery
  • Shorter surgery time
  • Quicker return to work and normal activities
  • Reduction in ICU and hospital length of stay

St. Anthony's Patient-Centered Care

The patient is at the center of our treatment plans. Patients can expect prompt, comprehensive, orchestrated consultation by our specialists through the Minimally Invasive Skull Base Center at St. Anthony's Hospital in St. Petersburg. Patients with cancers are presented at our interdisciplinary St. Anthony's Tumor Board to obtain cutting-edge input on their best treatment plans. Although this is a full service institute, patients that are not from the Tampa Bay area, but undergo surgery at our institute, may be able to receive additional treatments closer to home, should that be necessary and available.

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