Behavioral Health Services in St. Petersburg, Florida

St. Anthony's offers a variety of services and programs to assist those with co-occurring and mental health issues.

Inpatient Services

The experienced team at St. Anthony's Hospital can compose an assessment, stabilization, and a comprehensive discharge plan for outpatient referrals for individuals experiencing acute mental health problems. Our team consists of, psychiatrists, social workers, registered nurses, case managers and mental health technicians. The 50 bed Inpatient Psychiatric Unit provides a safe structured environment, including 24-hour nursing care.

Patients eighteen years or older may be admitted through the Emergency Room, by physician referral, or by referrals from other hospitals in the community. The primary focus of this unit is to provide treatment for emergent symptoms and to prepare patients for follow-up treatment in a less restrictive setting.

St. Anthony's Hospital Behavioral Health Center
1200 7th Avenue N.
St. Petersburg, FL 33705
(727) 825-1100

Outpatient Services

BayCare Behavioral Health is a subsidiary of the BayCare Health System and affiliated with the nine BayCare hospitals, including St. Anthony's Hospital.

BayCare Behavioral Health provides a wide variety of outpatient counseling services that can help adults and adolescents find the treatment and support they need to cope with behavioral health issues, emotional problems and chemical dependency.

Learn more about the behavioral health services and locations offered by BayCare. For a physician referral, call (877) 850-9613 or find a doctor at St. Anthony's Hospital.