What to Expect After Surgery

After surgery you will be carefully monitored in our Post-Anesthesia Care Unit by skilled registered nurses. When your surgeon releases you, an adult relative or friend may take you home. Please note: You will not be able to drive yourself home. Please make arrangements for an adult with a valid driver's license to transport you after the procedure.

It is quite normal to feel drowsy or a little dizzy after surgery because small amounts of anesthesia may remain in your body for a day or so. For this reason, we recommend you wait 24 hours after surgery before you drive, operate machinery, drink alcohol or make important decisions.

Your surgeon and anesthesiologist will prescribe specific instructions concerning your postoperative diet, rest, activity and medication. These will be reviewed with you by the postanesthesia nurse and given to you in writing. If you experience any problems or discomfort after you are discharged contact your physician.