Headaches are extremely common. An estimated 30-40 million Americans miss days from work or have chronic disability due to this painful condition. While migraine is the most common type of headache that forces patients to seek medical treatment, there are other types of severe headaches as well, including sinus headaches, tension headaches, cluster headaches and headaches caused by overuse of medications or serious medical conditions.

Morton Plant Mease's provides a comprehensive treatment plan for headache sufferers, which includes testing to determine the type of headache, treatments designed for each individual’s needs, and preventative techniques. Our goal is to minimize, and to prevent if possible, the onset of painful headaches that force patients to give up daily activities.

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Our specialized treatment team includes a neurologist, and when indicated, a clinical psychologist, a physical therapist and a nutritionist.

For information about our headache treatments, please call (727) 461-8635.

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