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Humanity at Work

Sad to say, the health care system defines patients by their illness rather than their humanity, and takes far more interest in symptoms than feelings. But BayCare is rewriting what’s been written in stone and shaking the very foundation of health care. We’re creating a brand new health care model, whose foundation rests on recognizing and respecting each patient’s humanity; on displaying real compassion and real empathy; on meeting the needs of every community and every individual; and on providing quality care that is always available and easily accessible. Simply put, it’s a new prescription for the future of healthcare.

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While fishing in Tampa Bay, Fred Tucker suffered a stroke. He was rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital, where he was given a life-saving medication that reversed the stroke in a matter of hours.

What if you were a stroke victim racing against the clock? With 10 BayCare hospitals that are certified primary stroke centers, time is on your side.

Newborn Lakota Lockhart had an extremely rare disorder called congenital central hypoventilation syndrome, which meant his breathing stopped every time he went to sleep.

Humanity at Work Series: Imagine What Humanity Can Do for Health Care

Some people are blessed. Compassion and empathy come second nature. They push their own needs to the side to give a helping hand. Helping others increases their self-worth.

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BayCare would like to extend you an invitation. Join us in our effort to make health care better, by joining the BayCare Online Community. As a volunteer customer panel member, you’ll be asked on a regular basis to advise BayCare on topics that are shaping the future of healthcare.

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