Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine Services in Winter Haven, Florida

The Sports Medicine Program at Winter Haven Hospital focuses on clinical care, sports enhancement and education and injury prevention. The program features an expert team of medical professionals including  orthopedists, orthopedic surgeons and certified manual physical therapists. Each of these professionals deliver customized care that addresses all major sports injuries and postoperative conditions including:

  • Ankle sprains and fractures 
  • Knee, hip, shoulder and elbow tendonitis 
  • Knee sprains 
  • Hip bursitis, fractures and dislocations 
  • Dislocations/subluxations 
  • Rotator cuff tears 
  • ACL tears 
  • Meniscus tears
  • Overuse injuries
Many sports-related injuries can be treated nonsurgically with rehabilitation. Our team of therapists  design rehabilitation programs with specific exercises that best suit each patient’s injury and unique needs. 

Rehabilitation and Specialized Equipment

Our primary goal is to help you regain mobility with an individualized plan of care. Our outpatient rehabilitation services may include occupational therapy, ultrasound, post-operative reconstruction training, Wii therapy, anti-gravity treadmills and other offerings. 

For a physician referral, call 800-BayCare (229-2273). 

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