Outright Gifts

Outright Gifts

The easiest and simplest way to give

When you make a cash gift with either currency, your credit card, a personal check, or through payroll deduct (staff only), we both benefit. Cash gifts provide the simplest and most common way to make a charitable contribution today and witness the benefits of your generosity. You also earn an immediate charitable deduction on your federal income taxes each year a gift is made (when you itemize). Cash gifts can be designated as unrestricted to address immediate patient care needs, restricted to an area of healthcare most important to you, or endowed to help build the Foundation’s future capacity to enhance our community’s health care.

A smart way to support our mission

Do you own stocks, bonds, or mutual funds that have increased in value over the years? Donating appreciated assets owned for more than one year eliminates all capital gains taxes and may earn you an income tax deduction based on the fair market value of the gift. Gifts of appreciated securities can be designated in the same manner as cash gifts.

If you or your family members are majority shareholders in a closely-held corporation, consider gifting us some of those shares as a creative way to make a sizeable contribution, realize valuable tax benefits, and remove retained earnings from the company – all while maintaining a controlling position in the company you worked hard to build.

Donor-Advised Funds
Centralized and flexible philanthropy<

Donor-advised funds (DAF) are a popular way to centralize individual and family philanthropy, becoming the fastest-growing gift vehicle in recent years because of their flexibility and simplicity. When you establish a DAF with a sponsoring charitable organization, you (or other family members) make recommendations regarding how much, how often, and to which qualified charities grants are awarded from your fund without having to make separate contributions to multiple organizations. Have a DAF? Consider the Winter Haven Hospital Foundation as your next recommendation!

Like the advantages of a donor-advised fund, but want to solely support patient care needs at the Winter Haven Hospital? With a $25,000 minimum initial contribution of cash or securities, you can establish an endowed support fund with the WHH Foundation. Similar to an external donor-advised fund, you make annual grant recommendations about what area(s) of healthcare you’d like to see benefit from the spendable portion of your donor-advised account. In this manner, you and your family stay engaged with the Foundation and involved in your community’s changing healthcare needs for years to come. Future contributions of any amount are accepted and encouraged in order to enhance your endowed fund and generate potentially larger grants over time.

Real Estate and Personal Property
A unique giving opportunity

Do you own real estate or personal property that has increased in value over the years and wish to avoid capital gains tax on the sale of the asset? Or perhaps you are looking for a way to reduce the size of your estate for estate planning purposes. The Winter Haven Hospital Foundation benefits from the use or the sale of the property and you earn significant tax benefits without having to make a cash gift.

Gifts of property can be donated to the Foundation outright, as a bargain sale, as a retained life estate (real property only), and through your will or trust documents. Ask us how!

Please note that the charitable giving information included on our website is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended to be legal, tax, investment, or insurance advice. The Winter Haven Hospital Foundation encourages you to always consult your professional advisors for all legal, tax, investment, and insurance advice unique to your personal situation and in consideration of your philanthropic, financial, and estate planning goals.