Car Seat Safety

Why are child safety seats so important?

Research shows they are 71% effective in reducing deaths for infants and 54% effective in reducing toddler deaths during a motor vehicle crash. But it's important to remember, child safety seats are only effective if used correctly. Studies have shown that as many as 3 out of 4 car seats are used incorrectly. Click the following link for more information about child passenger safety.

Is your car seat installed correctly?

Car seats can sometimes be challenging to install correctly.  Parents are strongly encouraged to have their car seat installation inspected at least one month prior to delivery. However, you are not required to have your car seat inspected. To learn more and have your car seat inspected, please call (813) 443-3074 or register for one of the following upcoming classes:

  • AAA - Car Seat Inspection (free appointment, must bring your own car seat)
  • Car Seat 101 (free class, must bring your own car seat)
  • Safe Baby Express (baby safety class, must bring your own car seat)
  • Car Seat Check Up event (limited availability, must bring your own car seat)
  • Discount - Car Seat Class (low-cost class, car seat provided for expectant mothers)

For more information about Child Passenger Safety and many other Child Safety topics please visit the following link: Children's Wellness and Safety Center.

For more information, please call the Safety Store at St. Joseph's Children's Hospital (813) 554-8510.